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1 on 1 Psychic Development Training

Starting at $95

We are ALL psychic! We are in a period of learning which of our unique gifts have simply ‘turned on’ first. In these sessions, we’ll start with the basics and narrow down which gifts are working strongest for you currently. Eventually, you will learn to strongly and confidently invoke all your Clair and natural born gifts to work outside the domain of natural laws. This will differ for each individual. In this comprehensive psychic and metaphysical development reading, you will learn to expand and access your own innate and supernatural psychic abilities.

Sessions can be purchased individually or in a package.

Please understand, some initial sessions may require energetic healings before tapping into your gifts. If you feel drawn to that, please purchase an energy healing before booking this training.

Single Training Session:

-30 minutes : $95
-60 minutes : $155
Training Session Packages:

If you would like to purchase a session package, please contact Joanna at joanna.enlightenment@gmail.com to schedule.

2 ’30 min. session’ package: $180
4 ’30 min. session’ package: $360
8 ’30 min. session’ package: $720

2 ’60 min. session’ package: $300
4 ’60 min. session’ package: $600
8 ’60 min. session’ package: $1,160

Want a Self-Paced Course?

Joanna offers a self-paced course teaching YOU how to live, love, and create from the Heart in order to ascend to higher levels of unity consciousness. Create the life you want to live. Get started today.