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Energy Healing


This session is meant to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit. Joanna assists you into a space of deep relaxation in order to clear energetic blocks, stagnant energy, balance and open energy centers, and anchor universal energy into your system with the help of your Higher Self. In this session, Joanna will begin by running you through an energy routine that is intuitively guided by both her Guides and your own, where you follow their direction with various movements and actions that you will perform on yourself. This is associated with self-empowerment and warming-up the energy within yourself in order for it to move smoothly throughout your body, chakras, and aura. Next, you will lie comfortably as Joanna taps into every layer of your light body and heals your meridians, your light-channel, each chakra, and your Human Energy Auric Field with the help of both her and your Guides. If you are comfortable with it, Joanna may place her hands on direct spaces of your physical body as well as around your auric field for a deep energetic healing. Many times your Guides will have specific messages for you regarding what and why energies are wanting to be seen and cleared, which Joanna will translate directly to you. Different tools, noises, and healing modalities are used for every client in regards to how your Guides would like the session to go. The client stays fully clothed and just removes larger pieces of clothing, jewelry, and shoes.

Please note that this session is done only in person.

Looking for Energy Readings?

In an energy reading, Joanna finds the energy that has become stagnant and stored within your body. This energy no longer serves your highest purpose in this lifetime and likely causes ‘blocks’ in areas of your health or in life situations. Joanna will tap into every layer of your light body and chakra for an energy healing of your body, chakras, and aura.