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Energy Reading

Starting at $77

In an energy reading, you just sit back and listen as Joanna connects with and reads the energy of your physical and light bodies for an energy healing of your body, chakras, and aura. Throughout life you may consciously or subconsciously be bombarded by programming and energies from your own thought-forms, other individuals, past lives, or  karmic contracts. This energy may become stagnant and stored within your body, no longer serving your highest purpose in this lifetime and likely causing ‘blocks’ in areas of your health or in life situations. Joanna will tap into every layer of your light body and chakras, and with the help of both her and your Guides, they will remove non-beneficial energy, shift soul contracts, and replace karmic energies with beneficial energy from your own Higher Self. You will leave confidently balanced within your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional states. Bring any ‘burning questions’ you may have for a situation in your life.

A recording of the session will be sent via email afterwards.

This reading may be done over a phone call, or via Zoom. Please note which you prefer prior to checkout.

Looking For Energy Healing?

The energy healing session will revitalize your mind, body, and spirit. In the energy healing session, Joanna will clear energetic blocks, stagnant energy, balance and open energy centers, and anchor universal energy into your system with the help of your Higher Self.