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Halo Creation

Starting at $25

The creation of your Halo is an essential part of your ascension journey. Every being has loose or weak beams of light around their head. Using Drunvalo Melchizedek’s teachings and techniques, Joanna is able to see and connect the beams in addition to 3rd eye opening¬†modalities. This session, when done correctly, connects all the direct points around your system in order to generate a Halo around your head, just like what the Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, and all other Ascended Masters had. When a Halo is generated, your psychic abilities are increasingly amplified. Joanna and her Team of Light ask that you use these gifts only for the highest good of all. You will leave with an activated Halo, however your Halo most likely has not been activated for most or all of your life, therefore it takes more than one time to create a permanent Halo. Joanna and her Guides recommend at least 14 sessions to create a strong and permanent Halo. Ideally every day for 14 days straight, or no longer than 1 week apart. Package deals are available. Session length varies on client and strength of beams, with an average of 15-30 minutes per person for 1 session. Time will decrease once beams are strengthened with repeated sessions.

Please note that this session is done only in person.

What Are Your Guides Trying To Tell You?

Joanna will translate messages from your Guides to provide clarity on your unique life path. She may assist in shifting your soul and karmic contracts, deprograming any unconscious blocks, and answering burning questions to help you focus your energy in the right direction.