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My Story

Joanna Stevens – Psychic Medium in Boise


Joanna was born with a connection to source energy that is beyond time, beyond space, and beyond this reality. From an early childhood she felt, heard, and saw the world through a different lens, with a very deep intuition and understanding that there was more beauty and meaning to this world than others seemed to believe. Fast forward though her schooling, receiving her college degree, and young adult years working corporate jobs, her open heart and Clair gifts only continued to expand the more that she, or society, tried to quiet them. Any amount of free-time she had, she’d find herself spending time, learning, and conversing with the metaphysical and esoteric worlds. Now with many years under her belt of her self-taught psychic services combined with professional courses and certifications in Channeling, Mediumship, Energy Healing, Reading and Spiritual Life Counseling, her clarity and connection with the Higher Realms are needed and ready to be shared with the world.

Showing others how to shift out of the duality consciousness of the brain and anchoring into unity consciousness of the heart is her main intention. Her ability to shed a natural, neutral, and higher-vibrating light on all situations that is unique to each individual brings immediate fresh, exciting, and new perspectives to the surface.

With the help of her Higher Self and Team of Light, Joanna brings forth messages from an individuals’ own Team to open energetic doorways and get to a deeper, truer, and more natural meaning of who they are and who they came here to be. This world has unconditional light and love to offer!


“From one perspective, you’re not on this Earth to learn; You’re here to Remember. Let’s walk hand in hand into this remembrance.”

Sophia Circles in Idaho

Sophia Circle monthly meetings and communities foster divine teachings and support of like-minded individuals. These monthly meetings may be done in the Boise, Idaho area or remotely.