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Psychic Development Course

Monthly payment options are available

Class coming in 2020!

Please note that class size is limited. This is a 6 month program, with 24 classes, meeting once a week for 2 hours over phone via a SoundCloud platform. In this comprehensive psychic and metaphysical development program, you will learn to expand and access your own innate and supernatural psychic abilities. You will learn to strongly and confidently invoke all your Clair and natural born gifts to work outside the domain of natural laws. Some of the developments and teachings include mediumship, running energy, chakra/aura healing, telepathy, meeting your guides, soul contracts, deprograming, becoming a professional reader, and much more. Leave this program feeling truly empowered and confident as the sovereign, Divine being that you have always been.

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Joanna gives free advice and knowledge on her YouTube channel. She provides information on Spirit Guides, enlightenment, manifestation, and more.