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Messages From Your Guides

Starting at $50

In these sessions, Joanna will connect with her Team and with your own Higher Self and Spirit Guides. With each session being intuitively different for each client, she allows the session to be guided by the Divine and how your own Team would like the session to go. Joanna will translate messages directly from your Guides for clarity on your unique life path, she may shift your soul and karmic contracts, deprogram any unconscious blocks, and answer any burning questions you may have to help you focus your energy in the right direction. Your Guides have always been with you and are so excited to work with you, sometimes it just takes a first introduction!

A recording of the session will be sent via email afterwards.

This reading may be done in-person, over a phone call, or via Zoom. Please note which you prefer prior to checkout.

Interested in a Combination Reading?

Joanna’s combination readings utilize pieces from both her energy readings and messages from your Guides. She will begin by tapping into the energy of your physical and light body for an energy healing of the body, chakras, and aura. She then will move onto messages from your Guides, where she will translate direct messages that your Guides have for you or answers to questions that you have for them in order to focus your energy in the right direction.