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Email Psychic Readings via Recording

Starting at $33

As an intuitive psychic, Joanna is able to connect to you through any form of communication. Email psychic readings are a convenient way to receive quick and detailed insights, clarity, and direction for specific questions you have on situations in your life such as relationships, business, career, family life, etc. Please stay away from yes or no questions and expand your focus to get more out of your session. It is important that you relax and really connect with what deeper questions you have in your life. Please be as specific as possible.

Please allow 1-3 days to receive your detailed reading by email via a recording from Joanna.

Example of good questions:

  • “I am currently working in the fitness industry and looking for a career change. Would now be a good time?”
  • “What information would the Universe like to let me know about my love life?”
  • “What guidance and direction could I take for the healing of my relationship?”
  • “What are some actions I can take to create more balance and harmony for myself (or my family) at home?”

Example of bad questions: yes/no questions

  • “What’s in my future?”
  • “Should I get divorced?”
  • “Will I meet my life partner?”
  • “Will I find success?”

Looking for Halo Sessions?

With her psychic gifts, years of training, and experience, Joanna is able to see and connect the beams of light in addition to 3rd eye opening modalities. This session connects all the direct points around your system in order to generate a Halo around your head. Halo creation is an essential part of your ascension journey.