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Joanna Stevens

Spiritual Guidance and Psychic Services in Boise, Idaho

The Story

With the help of her Higher Self and Team of Light, Joanna brings forth messages from an individuals’ own Team to open energetic doorways and get to a deeper, truer, and more natural meaning of who they are and who they came here to be. Joanna is here to spread the good news that this world has unconditional light and love to offer!


Joanna offers a variety of psychic services in the Boise, Idaho area as well as remotely via phone call or Skype. The psychic and clairvoyant sessions can assist with energy healing and spiritual guidance. Click the “book now” button to learn more about each session or reading.

Energy Reading

Allow Joanna to connect with and read the energy of your physical and light bodies for an energy healing of your body, chakras, and aura. With the help of both her and your Guides, they will remove non-beneficial energy, shift soul-contracts and replace karmic energies with beneficial energy from your own Higher Self. Please note that this session can be done in person or over the phone.

Email Psychic Readings

Email psychic readings are a convenient way in this digital age to receive quick and detailed insights, clarity, and direction for specific questions you have on situations in your life. By emailing Joanna detailed questions you will be able to empower yourself and find clarity to guide you through your life choices! By using an audio recording she will connect with your Higher Self and translate a direct message they have for you, followed by a detailed reading, and answers to your questions. The audio recording will be sent back via email.

Messages From Your Guides

Joanna will connect with her Team and with your own Higher Self and Spirit Guides. She will translate messages directly from your Guides for clarity on your unique life path. She may shift your soul and karmic contracts, deprogram any unconscious blocks, and answer burning questions to help you focus your energy in the right direction. Please note that this session can be done in person or over the phone.

Combination Readings

She will begin by tapping into the energy of your physical and light body for an energy healing of the body, chakras, and aura. Based on the time amount chosen, she may remove non-beneficial energy and shift contracts, and karmic energies with the help of your Higher Self. She then will move onto messages from your Guides, where she will translate direct messages that your Guides have for you or answers to questions that you have for them in order to focus your energy in the right direction. Please note that this session can be done in person or over the phone.

Energy Healing

While being guided to lay in a space of deep relaxation, your ego is able to step aside while Joanna is able to clear, heal, and revitalize your light body (meridians, chakras, aura, and channel). Joanna will anchor Universal Higher Energy into your system with the help of both her and your own Higher Self and Spirit Team. Leave feeling refreshed, recharged, and revitalized.

Halo Creation

The creation of your Halo is an essential part of your ascension journey. By connecting beams of light to direct points around your system, in addition to Third Eye opening modalities, Joanna helps assist in the creation of your Halo; the same Halo that all Ascended Masters had. The Halo is a direct connection to increased psychic abilities and is very beneficial for advanced psychic workers.


Below are a few of our recent testimonials. If you’d like to see more, use the button below.

“I absolutely felt like Joanna was a sister from another mother. I felt like I have known her all my life. She is warm, and sees things inside you that you didn’t even know. I left there on a cloud and felt connected to myself. Thank you Joanna for a wonderful session. I’ll see you next time. 😊 “

-Aj Lopez

“I have worked with Joanna Stevens for the last few years now and there are not enough stars to reflect how incredible she and her work are! Joanna is one of the most insightful Channelers and Psychic Reader of our time! Her high vibes, candor and professionalism are what keeps me coming back for more! I have also had the pleasure of completing a Sophia Circle with Joanna as the Facilitator, this was a life changing experience for me and the tribe she created around it. Thank you, Joanna for all that you bring to us!”

-The Psychic Soul


In addition to Joanna’s intuitive psychic readings, Joanna has a strong intention of teaching others how to access their own innate powers. Her main focus is how to shift individuals out of the duality consciousness of the brain and into the Unity Consciousness of the heart, which everyone can do in their own unique ways. With her years of self-taught services included with her multiple certifications in Psychic Studies, Joanna is able to teach others how to use their own intuitive tools in addition to strong ascension techniques in order to anchor more of themselves into higher dimensions. This world is shifting, and now more than ever Lightworkers are needed to heal themselves in order to heal and teach others. Allow Joanna to show you how to use your beautiful natural-born gifts and join this enlightenment shift today.

Sophia Circles

Joanna has been certified by the Sophia Institute to foster participation and teachings in the form of Sophia Circles. Sophia Circles are communities where members can support and interact with each other through monthly meetings. These divine teachings and monthly meetings of the Sophia Circles may be done in the Boise, Idaho area or remotely.

Psychic Development

In this comprehensive psychic and metaphysical development program, you will learn to expand and access your own innate and supernatural psychic abilities. You will learn to strongly and confidently invoke all your Clair and natural born gifts to work outside the domain of natural laws. Leave this program feeling truly empowered and confident as the sovereign, divine being that you have always been.

Sophia Circles in Idaho

Joanna teaches and oversees monthly Sophia Circle meetings and offerings. These circles will help you meet like-minded and like-hearted people in Idaho. In these meetings you will learn about a conscious enlightened world and The Feminine Principle that is found in the hearts of women and men.